Illinois Link Gov Login (2024)

1. Illinois Food Stamp Program |

  • Benefits are provided through The Illinois Link System, an electronic system that allows someone to use a plastic card, similar to a bank card, at grocery store ...

  • The Illinois Food Stamp Program (SNAP) provides nutrition assistance to low-income individuals and families. Determine your eligibility for this benefit

2. Still need health insurance?

  • Log In · How to use Form 1095-A · Contact us · Insurance Marketplace

  • Still need health insurance? You can enroll or change plans if you have certain life events or income, or qualify for Medicaid or CHIP. Still need health insurance?

3. Welcome to Medicare | Medicare

  • · Your secure Medicare account · Find health & drug plans · About Us

  • The official U.S. government website for Medicare, a health insurance program for people age 65 or older and younger people with disabilities.

Welcome to Medicare | Medicare

4. Careers at State of Illinois

  • Office & Administrative Support · Transportation · Environmental & Natural...

  • Apply for Jobs at State of Illinois

5. SSA - my Social Security

6. Susana A. Mendoza – Illinois State Comptroller - The Illinois Office of ...

  • The official website of the State of Illinois Comptroller's office. Search state of Illinois revenues, expenditures, cash balances, vendor payment inquiries ...

  • The official website of the State of Illinois Comptroller's office. Search state of Illinois revenues, expenditures, cash balances, vendor payment inquiries, an

7. FAFSA® Application - Federal Student Aid

  • ... Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana ... link. Watch on. 0:00. / • Live. • ... Hi. there ! I'm Aidan®, the ...

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8. Rockford, IL | Official Website

  • Create a Website Account - Manage notification subscriptions, save form progress and more. Website Sign In. Menu. Government · Departments · Residents ...

  • Rockford, once the underwater mortgage capital of America, now leads the nation's real estate market! Our affordable housing offers nearly double the space for half the cost of other cities. Learn More

9. DuPage County, IL

DuPage County, IL

10. Retailer - USDA Food and Nutrition Service

  • ... government or non-military external link or a third-party site. FNS provides links to other websites with additional information that may be useful or ...

11. Stephenson County, IL

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  • Copy and paste this code into your website.

Stephenson County, IL

12. The United States Social Security Administration | SSA

  • Official website of the U.S. Social Security Administration.

13. eFileIL | Office of the Illinois Courts

  • To file through eFileIL: review the EFSP Comparison Chart to select an EFSP or use eFileIL's basic EFSP portal. To see a current list of each court's status on ...

  • Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts contains Supreme, Appellate and Circuit Court information, including judges, and the opinions of the Supreme and Appellate Courts.

eFileIL | Office of the Illinois Courts

14. Illinois Severe Storms and Flooding (DR-4728-IL) - FEMA

  • You are no longer able to begin a new claim. To check the status on a previously submitted claim, visit I Was Told to Call the U.S. ...

Illinois Severe Storms and Flooding (DR-4728-IL) - FEMA

15. Home | Veterans Affairs

  • An official website of the United States government. Talk to the Veterans Crisis Line now.

  • This new law expands and extends eligibility for care and benefits for Veterans and survivors related to toxic exposures. Home | Veterans Affairs

16. Cook County Government, Illinois | Cook County

  • Cook County contains 134 municipalities in its region, the most well known being the City of Chicago – which is the County seat where the central offices of ...

  • Cook County contains 134 municipalities in its region, the most well known being the City of Chicago – which is the County seat where the central offices of Cook County are located.

Cook County Government, Illinois | Cook County

17. Aurora, IL | Official Website

  • Aurora, IL 60505. Phone: 630-256-4636 · Email Us · Helpful Links · Customer Service · Building Codes · Permits · eTrakit Online Portal · Career Opportunities.

  • Constructed in 1866, Aurora's David L. Pierce Art and History Center originally housed the hardware store of F.B. Rice on the first floor, the Aurora Herald newspaper on the second floor, and lodge rooms for Masonic fraternities on the third floor. Read on...

18. UPDATE: State says thousands of SNAP recipients had Link cards ...

  • 8 feb 2024 · If EBT benefits were ...

  • Just over 6,000 Link cards have to be replaced, according to the state.

UPDATE: State says thousands of SNAP recipients had Link cards ...
Illinois Link Gov Login (2024)


How do I unlock my Illinois link account? ›

If your account has been locked, it will automatically unlock after 60 minutes. To unlock your account before 60 minutes, when signing into ILogin, expand the "Need Help?" and click on the "Unlock account?" link to initiate the account unlock.

How do you know if you got approved for Illinois Link? ›

You will receive your Illinois Link card through the mail at the address you gave to your local DHS office. Please allow seven (7) days for mail delivery. If you were approved for benefits but have not received your card within 10 days, contact your caseworker. You must have a PIN before you can use your benefits.

Why is my Illinois Link card not working? ›

The 4 top reasons that a Link card does not work

The card is damaged (the stripe is de-magnetized, scratched). You need to get a replacement card. The card has been de-activated because it was reported lost or stolen. You need to get a new card.

Why can't I log into my Abe Illinois account? ›

Customers who get a connection error from their browser when they try to log onto ABE may have a browser that is too old. You will need to either download a different Internet browser or upgrade to a newer version of your current Internet browser.

How do I talk to a live person at DHS IL? ›

Call the DHS Customer Service Helpline for assistance at: (800) 843-6154 voice/(866) 324-5553 TTY, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., except state holidays.

How long does it take to get approved for EBT in Illinois? ›

What's the process? If approved, EBT/Link card comes in the mail within 30-45 days of applying and you can begin to use it at the store. You can continue to receive monthly food stamps on your Link card as long as you still qualify.

What is the highest income to qualify for SNAP? ›

SNAP Income Limits—Oct. 1, 2023 through Sept. 30, 2024
Household SizeGross monthly income (130% of poverty)Net monthly income (100% of poverty)
1 more row

What is the monthly income limit for food stamps in Illinois? ›

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Effective October 2023 Maximum Monthly Income Allowable
Number of People in Your HouseholdMaximum Gross Monthly IncomeMaximum Gross Monthly Income (Age 60 and Over or Disabled)
1$ 2,005$ 2,430
2$ 2,712$ 3,286
3$ 3,419$ 4,142
4$ 4,125$ 4,998
7 more rows

Is Illinois Link still giving extra SNAP benefits? ›

SNAP/Link Benefits Were Reduced in March 2023

Beginning in April 2020, all Illinois SNAP households received their regular monthly benefit from the 1st to the 20th of the month and a separate emergency SNAP issuance after the 21st of the month. Emergency SNAP was issued for the last time in February 2023.

How much is cash assistance in Illinois? ›

3. Additional Information
Family SizeGroup I With AdultGroup III Child Only
14 more rows
Oct 5, 2022

How long does it take to get a new Illinois Link card? ›

If your Illinois Link Card is lost or stolen and you need a replacement card, call the toll-free Customer Service number at 1-800-678-LINK. All replacement cards will be received within five to seven business days.

How do I verify my identity with Abe Illinois? ›

You can verify your identity through the website. If you have not tried to verify your identity through ABE, please select the Green "Manage My Case" button, login to your ABE account, and complete the process.

What if I forgot my username for Abe Illinois? ›

Unfortunately, if you forgot your ABE User ID, you will need to follow the process to create a new User ID and Password. The State is unable to recover or reset your ABE User ID.

What if I forgot my security questions for Abe Illinois? ›

What if I forget the answers to my secret questions? You will need to create a new account. Be sure to write down your User ID, Password and answers to your secret questions when you create a new account. Keep them in a safe place.

How do I find my IDFPR user ID? ›

1. Access the Online Services Portal at: 2. Select “Forgot User ID” from “Access Your Account” section.

How do I reset my Illinois EBT PIN? ›

How do I change my PIN?
  1. If you already have a PIN and want to change it, either call the Illinois Link Help Line at 1-800-678-LINK (5465), or go to the Illinois Link Card Website .
  2. If you order a replacement card, the PIN for the replacement card will be the same as the PIN for your previous card.

How do I reset my abe password in Illinois? ›

Enter your User ID on the login panel 4. Click "Forgot Password" 5. Answer your secret questions. Remember, the answers to your secret questions are case sensitive, enter your answers EXACTLY as you did when you first set them up.

How much can you make to qualify for Link in Illinois? ›

Who is eligible for Illinois Food Stamp Program?
Household Size*Maximum Income Level (Per Year)
4 more rows


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